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For employee benefits, Rudert teams up with Keyser Insurance Group to design the best benefits packages the industry has to offer. Innovation is always top of mind, resulting in strategies that educate employees, promote health and wellness, achieve high-value perception of the benefits offered, and help everyone manage costs.


One of the most valuable services offered is our Client Advocate Service, which gives your employees access to people (Keyser team members) who can help answer questions about their benefits when they don’t have access to you. Client Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help with:


  • Benefit and health care plan questions

  • Claim questions and audits

  • Plan dispute resolution

  • ID card replacement

  • How to locate a physician

  • Prescription questions

  • More


Keyser will partner with you to achieve high-value perception of the benefits you offer and educate employees about how using their benefits wisely keeps health care costs down. We can provide tools — customized and branded for you — like employee benefits guides, benefits websites and mobile apps.


Keyser’s employee benefits team includes an in-house compliance officer (an attorney) who is the agency’s principal resource for federal and state compliance and regulatory issues. As Keyser’s general counsel, the compliance officer facilitates regular compliance meetings, communications and updates; responds to compliance questions; and provides guidance regarding changes in federal and state laws, including those related to COVID-19.


Keyser will partner with you to craft an innovative employee benefits plan that helps manage costs.

We offer:


  • Health and wellness program design, consultation and support;

  • Plan design;

  • Funding strategy;

  • Population health strategy;

  • Pharmacy benefit management;

  • Policy renewal meetings;

  • TPA request for proposal and evaluation;

  • Reporting procurement and analysis;

  • Annual benchmark report and analysis; and

  • More.

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